Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Moong Daal Ki Kheer

Moong Daal Ki Kheer

¾ cup Rice
¼ cup yellow moong daal
2 tbls ghee
5-6 Cashewnuts halved
½  Fresh Coconut scraped
1 cup Jaggery (gur)
¼ tsp Green cardamom powder

Method (How to make  moong daal kheer)
Wash rice and drain thoroughly. Heat one teaspoon of ghee in a kadai and roast moong dal till lightly browned. Heat one more teaspoon of ghee in the same kadai and fry cashewnut halves till lightly browned.
Cook rice and roasted moong dal in four cups of water till soft.
Meanwhile grind scraped coconut with one cup of water and extract thick milk. Add grated jaggery to the rice-dal mixture and simmer till all the jaggery has dissolved.
Add coconut milk and cardamom powder and mix well. Cook stirring continuously till the mixture begins to boil. Take off the heat immediately.

Garnish with fried cashewnuts and serve at room temperature.

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